Four more gold coins found in Salvation Army kettles

Thanks given to generous public following appeal for festive gifts in Wrexham

Thanks given to generous public following appeal for festive gifts in Wrexham

An anonymous donor dropped a rare coin with an estimated worth of nearly $300 into a Salvation Army red kettle at a Kroger store in Milford.

The Salvation Army said it has raised funds with bell ringers for more than 130 years in Portland and almost 40 percent of the funds used for the organization's year-round services comes from the six weeks its red kettles are out.

This year's goal is to raise $350,000.

"Whoever did this knows the good that will come of it", said Salvation Army Capt. Marcos Marquez, officer of The Salvation Army's Moore Street Corps. The religious organization said it had raised a little more than 30 percent of its $750,000 goal.

"It's very important because there's a great need for people right now that are going through some hard times", said Norma Escobar, family services director with the Salvation Army of York.

"A lot of the really wonderful things we got this morning were teen gifts, so gift cards, earbuds, iTunes, movie passes, sport equipment, everything we need for teens", said Patty Lou Bryant, communications coordinator for the non-profit.

The Salvation Army also facilitates an Angel Tree program where people can purchase a single gift for a child in need.

A generous, anonymous donor slipped the surprise into the red kettle at the Flower Hill Giant Food store in Gaithersburg.

"From the day I actually started, my buckets have been so full that they have to shove money in there", she said.

Major John Martin who received the gifts on behalf of The Salvation Army commented: "We are so grateful to St. Andrew's School for providing gifts as part of our Christmas Appeal".

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