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Instant Games on Facebook Messenger allows live streaming

Instant Games on Facebook Messenger allows live streaming

In addition to livestreaming within Instant Games, Facebook will also launch next year a video chat feature for multiplayer games - beginning with Words With Friends - whereby two players can initiate a gaming session with a video call in Messenger. By the looks of things, this one will roll out title per title, since the first one slated to get it is none other thanWords with Friends.

The idea with Instant Games is to boost people's time spent in Messenger by giving them something else to do besides just chat.

The feature, powered by Facebook Live, lets Messenger users broadcast their gameplay to their Facebook Page or profile.

Amsterdam-based CoolGames is working with Rovio to bring Angry Birds to Messenger's Instant Games platform in early 2018. Now, we have over 70 games from more than 100 developers available worldwide.

To mark its one-year anniversary, Facebook is also debuting a couple of new features for its Instant Games: live streaming and video chat. Once this is selected you can choose the audience you wish to broadcast to and add a short description to say something about your video.

The company is bringing its Facebook Live capabilities into Instant Games, allowing users to live stream their games with their friends and family. Facebook said it will start testing the feature soon and will introduce the video chat tool early next year. Like all posts, these live video posts can be deleted at any time.

Along with the streaming features new games from popular franchises and genres will be coming to the application as well.

Instant Games on Facebook Messenger allows video chat
Instant Games on Facebook Messenger allows video chat

Facebook also revealed a new suite of games set to come to Messenger.

Angry Birds will be joining the recently launched Tetris which includes all the old modes fans love, like the marathon mode and the ability to play alongside friends.

"We're so glad that people are embracing the unbelievable experiences game developers are building for Instant Games", Facebook said in its announcement.

A arcade style platformer featuring class sonic enemies, power ups, traps and levels.

Since splitting off from the core Facebook app in 2014, Messenger has expanded beyond being a simple messaging app and now offers everything from making payments to friends, ordering an Uber ride, group video chat and interacting with a wide variety of bots. Sonic Jump from SEGA Games Co.

More information on the live streaming and new games will be coming in the new year when the app updates.

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