Christmas tree 101: Choosing, caring for tree

The “fairy palace” in the fairy door trails at Tara Christmas Trees. ELENA RARDON

The “fairy palace” in the fairy door trails at Tara Christmas Trees. ELENA RARDON

If you want more of a U-Pick experience, Shelton's Tree Farm in Cashmere is normally the place to go around here but it's already reserved all the trees it planned to sell this year. Meanwhile, the percentage of artificial trees continues to grow, now ranging from 70 to 80 percent.

He said the shortages have resulted in customers purchasing his stock of shorter trees, which could wipe out his potential supply of the bestselling 8-foot trees for 2018.

"What am I going to do, not buy a tree?" said Rodriguez, who eventually counted out $125 for a fir that Lopez figured would have cost about $100 a year ago. If we're not redrawing flood zone maps, we're scratching our heads over weird weather circumstances like the massive wind and rain storm that toppled drought-weakened trees in late October, knocking out power to more than a million people.

But the most expensive option for a real tree is making the mistake of thinking you can duck into a local forest with a small axe and cut down your own.

Georgia Snow, owner of Snow's Country Market in Holder, said she didn't start placing her tree orders until after Hurricane Irma swept through Florida in September, and that was a mistake.

The top Christmas tree-producing states are Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington. Dry trees should be removed before they create a fire hazard.

Or, you can get a fake tree.

Finally, forego the tree all together and just do an elaborate tabletop decoration using fresh greens, branches, vines and berries. Unfortunately, one of them fell and broke a little, but I just put him at the back of the tree with his one eye facing out.

Fortunately, the single ornament of a melancholy cartoon character isn't going to topple anyone's tree around here. CPSC experts ignited a frequently-watered tree and an unwatered tree - the difference is unnerving.

Meanwhile, Hundley said it pays to buy real trees because it helps American growers and protects the environment by not having nonbiodegradable artificial trees clog landfills.

White Spruce - The dense foliage and symmetrical proportions of the White Spruce make it a very lovely Christmas tree.

"Because we switched to a new company, I had a different type of tree", said Garcia. "And the best one that I showed her was the first tree". It has flat disappeared. Did Terri really dislike the fake tree that much? Christmas tree sales started a downward turn, and so did tree prices.

'They might not be to everyone's taste, but there has definitely been an increase in demand for them this Christmas'. Which is important to some people I guess.

With a few gifts under it come Christmas morning, I am sure the tree will be just fine, even with the inevitable three-foot gap on one side.

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