Volvo pulls its ads from Hannity after Moore coverage Tweets It Will Pull Hannity Ads, Then Quietly Retracts

Volvo Pulls Ads Over Failure To Rush To Judgement On Moore Allegations

Moore said in a previous interview with Hannity that he did not "generally" remember dating teenagers as an adult, and said "I don't remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother". "You must remove any doubt", Hannity said. "If you can't do this, then Judge Moore needs to get out of this race", he added.

"We will continue to place ads across a broad range of networks, including Fox News and its top shows".

If not, Hannity - who supported Moore early on - will withdraw his support.

Hannity's shift comes as Keurig and revoke major ad deals for Hannity's primetime show after a deluge of complaints Saturday from Twitter users slamming the conservative radio host's lenient coverage. The group's president, Angelo Carusone, told The Associated Press it again called for companies to stop supporting Hannity's program after the Moore allegations came to light Thursday in a Washington Post story.

Tuesday night Hannity had had enough.

"You know I do not and will never rush to judgment, because we have seen the media and politicians get it wrong so many times", he said.

On Tuesday night, Hannity called on Moore to provide information on charges he had sexual contact with teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

"He denied knowing this fifth accuser but this accuser has brought forth a yearbook that he appeared to sign 'to a sweeter, more handsome girl, I could not say Merry Christmas, love Roy Moore, '" Hannity noted. The new accuser said she thought Moore was going to rape her and described in tearful, credible, intimate detail how he assaulted her in his auto behind the restaurant she worked. Then, when another accuser on Monday said Moore sexually assaulted her in a vehicle when she was 16, Moore denied knowing her.

Roy Moore has griped that the media only wants to talk about the allegations that he dated teenagers.

"The American people deserve 100 percent truth and honesty", Hannity said.

Hannity's final word: "Judge Moore, you owe that to the people of Alabama, the Republican Party that you represent and to the country which is suffering under so many problems".

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