UCLA basketball players fly back to USA after shoplifting scandal in China

Trump personally asked Xi Jinping to help resolve case of UCLA basketball players arrested in China

Trump personally asked China's Xi to help resolve shoplifting case against 3 UCLA basketball players, report says

According to The Washington Post, Trump brought up the topic - along with North Korea's nuclear threat and bilateral trade relations - a day after LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were arrested for allegedly stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store near the team's hotel.

Three UCLA basketball players detained in China on suspicion of shoplifting are on a plane back to Los Angeles.

Scott went on to thank the White House, President Donald Trump and the State Department for efforts made to resolve what he called "the incident with authorities in Hangzhou, China". They will not take questions from the media, AP reported. It's unclear what direct role Trump played in the players being freed, but the president told reporters in Asia he had a "great conversation" with Xi Jinping about the players. "What they did was unfortunate". They were not on the team's return flight to the United States on Saturday. "You know, you're talking about very long prison sentences". While the rest of the team flew home after the game, the three freshmen were forced to stay behind as the investigation played out. Any discipline the players may face would be up to UCLA, AP reported.

Cody Riley, Jalen Hill, and LiAngelo Ball (the brother of L.A. Lakers star rookie Lonzo Ball, and the son of entrepreneur LaVar Ball - who has become a favorite of ESPN and Saturday Night Live for what many see as over-the-top promotion of his sons) are headed back to the USA with the matter reportedly having been resolved.

The players were released on bail last Wednesday and have been staying at hotel in Hangzhou, awaiting a decision from authorities that could range from release to fines to years of detainment.

Even with Trump's help resolving the matter, the future of Ball, Hill and Riley with UCLA is still up in the air. He shared tweets from the trip prior to the arrest.

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