Stove Top Selling Stretchy Pants For Thanksgiving Dinner

Forgo waistband agony, buy Stove Top Stuffing pants this Thanksgiving

Stove Top's New Stuffing Pants Could Help You Reach Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Potential

Whether your mom or grandma allows you to wear them to dinner after she worked her butt off for a nice family dinner is a whole other issue. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Stove Top is donating $10,000 to Feeding America.

Stove Top released a parody video to its YouTube page Monday to help promote the "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants".

With their over-the-belly waistband, these "stuffin-stretch" trousers allow you to stuff yourself with all the turkey and sides your heart desires (well, maybe not your heart), without feeling the pain of buttons and bands digging into your post-celebratory belly. The family's frustration appeared to be diminished by the stretchy trousers. "But afterwards, you feel stuck and restricted in your uncomfortable jeans, khakis or slacks".

Thanksgiving is just weeks away and if you want to indulge this Thanksgiving without the agony, Stove Top Stuffing is offering something just for you.

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