Lawyers seek group suit over alleged Uber sex assaults

Uber faces a class-action lawsuit over sexual assault by Uber drivers

Uber faces a class-action lawsuit over sexual assault by Uber

Uber must make drastic changes to prevent another female rider from harm.

At least three lawsuits have been filed against the company for these allegations, including a separate complaint brought by Wigdor LLP on behalf of two other "Jane Does" in 2015. Focusing on background checks, the lawsuit argues that Uber has created a system within which "bad actors can gain access to vulnerable victims". Reports of alleged sexual assaults by Uber drivers make news headlines several times a month.

Reviews of Uber driver applications by two U.S. states, Maryland and MA, have led to rejections of thousands more applications than under Uber's own system. Uber settled that suit in November 2016.

The California lawsuit also notes that this issue of assault is no longer about a "rogue" driver who failed to follow rules, but is a widespread issue. Los Angeles and San Francisco sued the company a couple of years back, alleging that Uber missed criminal records for drivers with serious crimes in their past.

Two anonymous women in California filed the lawsuit Tuesday alleging Uber has fostered a system - through lax driver screening - that endangers thousands of women who use the service on a daily basis.

The lawsuit claims that by labeling itself as a "technology" company instead of a "transportation" company, that Uber has been able to avoid costlier background checks.

"In our complaint filed today against Uber, the allegations show that Uber's model of profits over safety has caused countless numbers of female riders to pay the price for Uber's shameless failure to act", the plaintiffs attorney said in a statement.

Uber has been beleaguered by dozens of issues over the past year. The suit cites numerous cases of rape, violence and sexual assault- along with screening lapses in Maryland and MA - as evidence of its claim that Uber has prioritized profits over the safety of its passengers.

Uber "must come forward with information about how many reports it has received about rapes, sexual assaults and gender-motivated harassment to allow consumers to assess whether Uber really does provide safe rides, especially to women", said Christensen. The company fired 20 employees this year after a wide-ranging investigation into its climate and workplace culture after former employee Susan Fowler detailed how her sexual harassment complaints were ignored by management and human resources employees for a year - and reports abounded about widespread sexual harassment at the company. In June, CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from Uber, following criticism that he helped foster a culture of sexism and bullying at the company. Last week, Khosrowshahi wrote a LinkedIn blog post about Uber's "new cultural norms" saying what made the company successful won't get it to the next level.

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