I&B curtain falls on Nude, S Durga

Sujoy Ghosh IFFI

Sujoy Ghosh India TV

He did as he was against the decision of Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B) for dropping names of two movies from the final list of movies to be screened at the festival.

Miffed with the ministry's interference and not being kept in the loop, a few jury members had also written to the ministry, expressing their disappointment with its move. "But as a jury member I won't be resigning", she stated, pointing out that they spent a month choosing films and while these two did not make it to the final list, there were others films too selected by them. "However, the important thing is that 19 other films have also been chosen whose filmmakers have worked extremely hard to tell some very relevant stories and we need to champion these films along with the films that have been so unfairly left out", he asserted. My film is slotted at worldwide festivals like Berlin and Cannes, but it's always a dream to have one's own country view it and the ultimate goal remains a National Award. "I respect Sujoy's decision as chairperson, his actions speak volumes, more than words can say".

While Sexy Durga's struggle to release in India continues, the film has already received critical acclaim overseas, even winning the prestigious Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. "Durga is principal Hindu goddess and the filmmaker may seek normal certification of the film from CBFC", it was pointed out.It is important to note that Regional Officer, Thiruvanthapuram, who examined the uncensored version found it violating Guideline 6 of the CBFC, i.e. provocative and disrespectful of certain faith and religion. "My client has moved a writ petition against the I&B ministry, challenging its right to drop the film after it was passed by the jury". It was a bad decision to select these third rate films in Panorama. S Durga director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan and Nude director Ravi Jadhav said that they are shocked and disappointed over the removal of their films from the Panorama section.

She said the jury included only those films it thought were worthy of cinematic contribution. "Sumitra Bhave's film Kaasav, which won the Golden Lotus, was supposed to be screened at IFFI. "Nude" was a fantastic film and was liked by the jury unanimously", Sanyal said. - Apurva Asrani █ "Nude" came with the rider from the jury itself that it was an incomplete film.

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