Detroit Cops Fight Each Other over Drug Bust Gone Wrong

Undercover officers were conducting a drug sting on Andover a street in the notoriously drug-ridden east side of Detroit when they were approached by some more undercover cops

Report: Detroit Cops Fight Each Other over Drug Bust Gone Wrong

The encounter started when two special operations officers from the department's 12th Precinct were working on a drug bust on Andover, a notoriously drug-heavy area of the city. He says as the shot gun was pointed at them, the officers on the ground did say "police".

Detroit Police has conducted 1,038 drug raids, 32 undercover drug investigations and 379 narcotic street investigations so far this year and all were done without incident, the chief said. The 11th Precinct team continued to execute the search warrant.

Officers from the 12th Precinct also didn't properly notify the 11th Precinct during a prostitution sting last week that led to a police chase, according to the police source.

The Detroit Police Department was established in 1865.

At some point, the 12th Precinct officers entered the home and there was a dispute, including arguing, pushing and shoving. It's unclear if any officers were injured, she said.

The situation that unfolded in the 19300 block of Andover around 6 p.m. Thursday resulted in two officers being placed on restrictive duty and a supervisor being reassigned from special operations pending the outcome of the investigation, which is expected to be turned over to prosecutors for to determine if charges will be filed.

He said the officer who was struck retaliated with another punch.

"One officer grabbed another. and put him in what is described to me as a headlock, and then there was a subsequent punch by the same officer as that officer was breaking away". Both were released after being treated, he said.

The incident is understood to have been captured on a body camera, with footage now part of the investigation. He also said a supervisor from the 12th Precinct has been removed from the department's special operations unit while the matter is investigated. "And had a tendency to get the officers from the 12th Precinct excited to the point we have this very embarrassing situation".

"A member of our community who witnessed this behavior that we're calling a lack of maturity, a lack of leadership, said they appeared to be like Keystone Cops", said the chief.

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