Collision at Singapore's Joo Koon MRT station leaves 25 injured

25 injured in Singapore MRT train accident

SMRT trains collide at Joo Koon station, 25 injured

A train collided with another stationery train at a station in Singapore injuring at least 25 people, the first such incident in the countrys transport system in 24 years. At 8.19am, a second train stopped behind the first faulty train.

People look after a mass transit train collision at a platform at Joo Koon station in Singapore Wednesday.

It said a faulty west-bound train had stalled at Joo Koon station on the system's East-West line at 0818 AM.

Eight were warded in hospital for head injuries, spinal injuries, a fractured arm and other injuries, while others received outpatient treatment for minor bruises, shock and sprains.

A total of 23 passengers and two SMRT staff sustained light to moderate injuries and were taken conscious to the National University Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Subsequently, Lui Tuck Yew, the former transport minister who oversaw an expansion of the public-transportation network, left politics. The ring broke, causing 50 litres of oil to drip onto the tracks from a locomotive doing maintenance during the non-passenger hours.

The panel found that staff did not act "sufficiently aggressively or promptly" to deal with the spill.

In addition, the train operator announced plans to purchase new locomotives to replace the existing ones for track maintenance as the new locomotives are not prone to the same type of hydraulic leakage.

Trains were delayed on the East-West Line as a result of the collision.

The majority of the claims were for medical expenses, while the rest were for damaged items.

Commuters reported on social media that passengers on the moving train fell down when the collision occurred.

The incident happened at the time that the Circle Line, better known as the Yellow Line, was affected by delays which the SMRT attributed to "a signal fault" at about 6 am.

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