Built-to-order McLaren 720S exhibited at Dubai Motor Show

One-off Mc Laren 720S revealed at Dubai motor show

MSO crafted a bespoke satin black and gold McLaren 720S for Middle Eastern customer

In the framework of the motor show in Dubai showed the original version of the supercar McLaren 720S with the aphorism of the brand's founder Bruce McLaren and Golden elements in the design.

A genuine commission for a Dubai-based client, rather than simply a show auto showcasing the company's MSO special operations department's capabilities, this particular 720S is finished in Zenith Black paint to which a special satin finish has been applied.

Offsetting the satin black finish are gold accents, such as gold-colored alloy wheels, a 24-carat (!) gold engine heat shield and gold-colored interior components.

A plaque inside the vehicle identifies it as a 1 of 1 MSO commission, a fact also communicated by the unique rear wing that bears part of a quote by McLaren founder, Bruce McLaren which reads "Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone". McLaren says that the rear wing took 30 hours to paint and finish, while the entire auto took 120 hours more than usual to produce thanks to its one of a kind look.

In total, the car's bespoke treatment added 120 hours to the usual production time for a McLaren 720S. The decoration took 30 hours to complete, using specially-made stencils.

This bespoke McLaren 720S also comes equipped with a carbon fibre exterior upgrade including a front splitter, air intakes, rear bumper and roof panel.

Inside, says auto magazine, the bespoke 720S gets more "splashes of gold" and carbon fibre, on the steering wheel and gear paddles, along with a plaque proclaiming the vehicle to be just "1 of 1". "The quote from Bruce McLaren rings true not only of the history of McLaren, but also the achievements of the UAE and the Gulf states over the last four decades", said Andreas Bareis, McLaren's Managing Director for the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The gearshift paddles are satin gold-painted, and each door inner panel gets a satin gold-colored appliqué. "This auto pays tribute to that".

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