Floor Collapses at Denton Apartment Complex

One user posted a gif of Cleveland Brown from Family Guy falling from his apartment while in a bathtub a scene that is often revisited on the series as a recurring joke

Video: Floor collapses during homecoming party

Several people suffered minor injuries when the third floor of a Denton apartment building collapsed on Saturday.

"I have nowhere to go". "That's life threatening. If we were in our living room, we wouldn't have made it out because by what we've seen, it's just completely gone".

Carroll said she's even joked about something like this happening, "When it actually did, and I saw the video, it was sickening to see".

"I grabbed my keys, my wallet and I left to the police department", she said.

Police told FOX 4 they believe there was 100 people at the party. Busari says he fell through the floor himself, and that the party spiraled out of control when people he didn't know suddenly appeared.

Exactly four minutes after Castro and one of her roomates arrived at the police department, the fire department received an alert that fire alarms were going off at the apartments, according to time logs provided by the police department. (Supplied) The floor collapse caused damage to water pipes which leaked onto the storey below.

The apartment is at the Ridge at North Texas, a complex that houses students from three schools: University of North Texas, Texas Women's University and North Central Texas College.

It hasn't been confirmed whether "structural issues" at The Ridge Apartments on Colorado Boulevard are to blame.

The video shows people jumping to loud music as the floor collapses into the apartment below.

Police had previously been called to the unit on September 24 for a noise complaint.

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