Prime Minister Modi warns India media on abusing freedom, says it's criminal

Key takeaways from PM's speech in platinum jubilee of Tamil daily 'Daily Thanthi' in Chennai

Media must focus less on politics and more on achievements of 125 crore Indians: PM Narendra Modi in Chennai

November 6 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday urged the media to focus more on Indians rather than just the politicians.

Accompanied by Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman and Pon Radhakrishnan, Modi was with the DMK leader for about 10 minutes before winding up his visit to the city during which he took part in the 75th anniversary celebrations of Tamil newspaper Dina Thanthi.

While addressing a rally in Palampur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Congress, and said they are insecure because a tea seller became the Prime Minister of India. Media, therefore, must make an extra effort to maintain credibility. Modi further said that editorial policy should be used wisely in public interest.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Chennai on a day-long visit. In a broader context, media was a means of transforming society, he said, adding 'that is why we refer to the media as the fourth pillar of democracy'. "As of now traffic on the Beach road will be blocked when the Prime minister's convoy moves to R.A.Puram and back,"said a police officer".

He also lamented that today's media only focused on politics and not much on other issues. "The freedom to write and to decide what is to be written does not include the freedom to be less than accurate or factually incorrect", he said.

The PM said he believed that the reform in the media whenever required can only come through introspection.

Modi said a lot of media discussions revolve around politics but the country was "more than just politicians".

Even if there are no concrete developments on the ground, as key disputes are pending before the courts and the Election Commission of India, political turmoil continues in Tamil Nadu. "Citizen reporting can be an important tool in the sharing and dissemination of success stories of individuals", he added.

Tight security was in place in view of the prime minister's visit.

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