Super Mario Odyssey sets new series record in United States and Europe

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Is The Fastest Selling Nintendo Switch Game Ever

For fans of the game, this comes as no surprise.

Nintendo has announced that the game shifted 1.1m units in the USA in its first five days, making it the fastest selling Super Mario game ever in the region - a record it claims from Wii title New Super Mario Bros.

The milestone comes just a few days after initial reports that Super Mario Odyssey sold 2 million copies in its first three days worldwide. Nearly any version of Mario you could have ever wanted to see is available for you in the latest Super Mario game. In our review, we lauded the fantastic gameplay and beautifully designed levels.

Thought of by many to be the true sequel to Super Mario 64, Super Mario Odyssey brings with it some wonderful new features, among them, the capture.

We find it pretty odd because one of the major reasons to why the Switch is selling well is because of Super Mario franchise hence it is only right for the majority of Switch gamers to adopt the game. The platforms portable nature makes for an incredibly unique way to play blockbuster games and is well ahead of where the Wii U was at this point in its life.

In a franchise loaded with superlatives that span most of console gaming's history, it's hard not to pay attention when Nintendo says Mario has managed to burst, raised fist first, through another stratospheric sales record. For more information, be sure to check back to the site for updates, as well as all of your other Nerdy News and Needs!

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