Pope begs: 'Please Lord, stop, no more, no more war'

Pope Francis stands next to marble crosses at the American military cemetery in Nettuno Italy

Pope Francis stands next to marble crosses at the American military cemetery in Nettuno Italy

Pope Francis arrived at the War Cemetery early in the afternoon so that he could spend time reflecting and paying his personal respects to the thousands of mostly young soldiers who gave their lives in the name of freedom and respect for humanity.

Pope Francis leaves a white rose on a grave before a Mass at the U.S. World War II cemetery, on the day Christians around the world commemorate their dead, in Nettuno, near Rome, Italy, November 2, 2017.

Pope Francis visited the United States cemetery in Nettuno south of Rome and then the Ardeatine Caves on Rome's southern outskirts on Thursday, All Souls Day.

He walked slowly and alone amid the rows of low white headstones in the shape of crosses and Stars of David, gently resting a white rose on about a dozen and stopping to pray silently before saying the Mass.

"Please God", Francis prayed, "everything is lost with war. No more war. No more useless carnage". Today the world is at war once more and prepares to go ever deeper into war.

He did not elaborate but appeared to be referring to the possibility of nuclear war. In a recent speech at the United Nations, Trump said that, if necessary, he would "totally destroy" North Korea, which continues to carry out its missile and nuclear programs.

Last April, he said a third country should try to mediate the dispute between Pyongyang and Washington to cool a situation that had become "too hot".

At the USA military cemetery Thursday, Francis acknowledged the pain of mothers and wives who lost their loved ones in past wars, according to Reuters.

While Trump is in Asia, the pope will be hosting an global seminar at the Vatican that will urge the banning of nuclear weapons.

The new USA ambassador to Rome, Lewis M. Eisenberg, was among the 5,000 in attendance.

Pope Francis's comments came ahead of a summit he'll be hosting at the Vatican, urging an global ban on nuclear weapons.

God of Abraham, of Isaac, God of Jacob: with this name, You presented Yourself to Moses when You revealed to him Your desire to free your people from the slavery of Egypt. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, God who binds Himself in a pact with humanity, God who binds Himself with a covenant of faithful love forever, merciful and compassionate to every man and every people suffering oppression.

The pope said that humanity hasn't learned, or hasn't wanted to learn, the lessons of war.

Later the pope continued to the Ardeatine Caves, the site of one of the worst massacres of Nazi-occupied Rome.

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