India getting divided in name of 'narrow nationalism': Sonia Gandhi

Congress leaders pay homage to Indira Gandhi on her death anniversary

India getting divided in name of 'narrow nationalism': Sonia Gandhi

Former President Pranab Mukherjee, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday paid tributes to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her 33rd death anniversary. "She should deal with Pakistan from a position of strength and should not be a mere show piece which Modi would like her to be", Naik said.

"Tributes to former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi on her death anniversary".

Congress President Sonia Gandhi could not attend the programmes as she has just returned home after being admitted to a hospital. Her death led to anti-Sikh riots across the country which led to displacement and killings of people from Sikh community.

Sonia said the idea of India that Indira Gandhi fought for has been thrown fundamentally into question by the "rising intolerance" that one witnessed today.

The Congress leader asserted that the precious idea of integration has never been more necessary than today.

Rahul Gandhi put out a tweet remembering the words of his grandmother along with her picture saying, "Forgiveness is a virtue of the courageous: Indira Gandhi". She was assassinated on October 31, 1984, by her bodyguards a few months after she ordered the storming of the Harmandir Sahib gurudwara in Amritsar to counter insurgency in Punjab.

Gandhi hoped that Krishna will keep alight that flame of national integration and tolerance.

Krishna, after receiving the award, said "We are facing difficulPolitic times" and living in times when national integration has been replaced with an "ugly form of nationalism and jingoism".

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