Watch out for head lice in Halloween costumes

Watch out for head lice in Halloween costumes

Watch out for head lice in Halloween costumes

This isn't the first tasteless costume we've seen this year: There's a "The Wall" costume now on the market that makes light of the very real and very scary immigration situation in our country.

We're unsure who "greenlit" this costume into existence, but we hope that the public condemnation leads them to pull it from shelves - and hopefully leads them to be much more careful and considerate the next time around. Or, if the costume material can by put in the dryer, do so for 45 minutes to kill any lice.

Halloween is usually filled with creepy crawlers, but health experts are warning that there may be real ones lurking inside your costume's mask this year. And it's not really spreading disease. Sexton added that the risk of infestation can last for up to seven days after coming into contact with someone or something carrying lice.

The model in the costume is also wearing a blonde wig and has Brown's signature bloody nose. "Make sure it fits and get out the door", said Sexton.

Wear a swim or wig cap to cover yours or your child's hair to create a barrier that will be tough for lice to cross.

Our fellow parents are sharing their favorite costumes, whether they're awe-inspiring DIY creations or quick-and-easy store-bought solutions.

If you act fast or guard against it well, your trick or treater can have fun and not bring home more than just candy.

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