Screen Junkies terminate 'Honest Trailers' creator Andy Signore for sexual abuse

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The creator of the popular web series Honest Trailers has been fired following several accusations of sexual abuse against women.

Defy Media, which owns the Screen Junkies YouTube channel Signore worked for, released a statement Sunday saying it has parted ways with the YouTube creator, who had served as senior VP, content.

"In August, Defy's [Human Resources] team was made aware of allegations made against Andy, at which time at which time an investigation was launched".

"We are acting swiftly to address the concerns of the people affected, and that going forward, our community is free of harassment or discrimination of any kind", said Defy.

One of the women who stepped forward, April O'Donnell, told TheWrap that Signore tried to sexually assault her repeatedly and threatened to get her boyfriend fired from his job at ScreenJunkies if she spoke out.

The success of Honest Trailers helped Screen Junkies create many new series, many of which included Signore as an on-screen presence. In the statement, they also encouraged people who have been victims of such sexual behavior [VIDEO] to come forward.

In Dawn's statement, she said she and two other women went to the Screen Junkies HR department, but their claims were not taken seriously.

Describing an incident that took place in 2015 when Screen Junkies flew her out to Los Angeles to appear in one of its series, she said Signore "took out sex toys and tried to force them in me, took pictures of me without my permission and promised a position at Screen Junkies for sexual favours".

Signore did not respond to a Twitter direct message from THR requesting comment. After Emma Bower shared her story, it provided Dawn the courage to share her similar story and mentions that Screen Junkies HR team did nothing to stop the unwanted attention.

'Honest Trailers' to continue without Andy Signore?

The first woman made a decision to come forward after the New York Times published a bombshell report about independent film titan Harvey Weinstein, which detailed his alleged sexual misconduct with actress Ashley Judd among other women.

Bowers had said in her post Thursday that the Times investigation against Weinstein inspired her to speak out against Signore, The Hollywood Reporter stated. Mashable noted that Tapia has since issued a public statement in support of his girlfriend, also alleging that Defy Media turned a blind eye to the complaints made against Signore.

Meanwhile, in October 2016 Devin Faraci resigned as editor-in-chief of the website Birth.Movies.Death following allegations of sexual assault against him.

The co-creation of Brett Weiner and Andy Signore, Honest Trailers has been a huge hit with YouTube viewers since February 2012, thanks to its satirically "honest" descriptions of popular television shows and movies.

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