Australia on United States gun laws: 'What we can offer is our experience'

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It has become a predictable affair. This year alone, America has endured 273 incidents of mass shootings, adding to the list of thousands of slaughters over the past 10 years. Now, the life of the bill is again fraught, after a lone gunman killed 59 and wounded upwards of 500 in Las Vegas on October 1 using an automatic weapon.

James Carouso, the acting USA ambassador to Australia, admitted his country could learn from Australia when it comes to gun policy. Under their "Firearm and Sword law", only a few guns are allowed, such as shotguns and air guns.

The 1996 Dunblane Massacre in Scotland prompted Britain's strictest gun laws yet.

"There was a turn in the tide of public opinion and there was a revulsion against guns", said Gill Marshall-Andrews, chair of the Gun Control Network (GCN), which was established after the shooting and spearheaded the campaign. We need less partisan bickering and more facts; stop fighting on cable news or Twitter and honestly study the issue-at nonprofits, think tanks, the CDC, and on Capitol Hill. "Everyone wanted to help", she told CNN.

"Republicans made a blood pact with the NRA, and that has prevented us from making any progress", Blow wrote.

The GCN worked closely with the Snowdrop Campaign, which emerged in Scotland after the shooting and gained 750,000 signatures for a petition to ban private gun ownership.

A third group of opponents will argue that smart guns will be too expensive.

"We'd like to be a part of that conversation", she said.

The bill, which had already passed the House Natural Resources Committee on a party-line vote last month, came under renewed scrutiny following the massacre in Las Vegas. The UK banned handguns above a.22 caliber and restricted smaller caliber weapons to gun clubs.

Blow said the debate died a little bit when Americans accepted having as many guns as people and enduring the gun-related deaths of more than 30,000 people a year, and the debate died further with the rise in gun sales after mass shootings. He was armed with a pistol, a hand grenade and an automatic rifle. Bryant, who was 28 at the time, was captured alive after an 18-hour standoff with police and is serving 35 life sentences in prison with no parole. "We brought in our gun control steps very early in our administration".

Forty-four per cent of Republicans and Republican leaners say they own at least one gun, compared with 20 per cent of Democrats and Democratic leaners, Pew said. "In essence, we will leave the status quo in place", he said.

These are some seriously sick folks that defend the rights of people like Paddock to own as many lethal weapons as they damn-well please and strut them wherever the hell they want right up to the point they take out the equivalent of the population of a small Colorado town.

Bump stocks can be used to effectively convert semi-automatic rifles to fire so rapidly as to simulate an automatic weapon.

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