Suspended Florida Gators facing multiple third-degree felonies charges

Suspended Florida Gators facing multiple third-degree felonies charges

Suspended Florida Gators facing multiple third-degree felonies charges

GAINESVILLE | Nine University of Florida football players suspended during an investigation into credit card fraud face the prospect of felony charges, according to Alachua County Clerk of Court records.

Sworn affidavits were filed Monday against the Florida Gators presently suspended for the team for alleged fraud.

The bookstore began looking further and found similar instances involving Callaway, offensive lineman Kadeem Telfort, receiver Rick Wells, linebackers Ventrell Miller and James Houston and defensive linemen Keivonnis Davis and Richerd Desir-Jones.

The two charges recommended against them are: 1) fraud/obtaining property for under $20,000, and 2) possession and use of another person's credit card without consent.

All nine - including standout receiver Antonio Callaway and top running back Jordan Scarlett - remain indefinitely suspended as the State Attorney's Office reviews the case and weighs formal charges. That process could take some time, possibly weeks. The Gators suspended seven of the players on August 13 and the other two on August 30, just before the season opener against MI.

All of the players were accused of felony fraudulent impersonation of another person and felony fraudulent attempt to swindle another person, with the number of charges dependent on the number of transactions and credit cards involved.

University of Florida policy bans students from participating in school activities while facing felony charges.

"You're asking me something I don't even know about", McElwain said.

"Know this, I really care about those guys".

According to the complaint, the female Florida student in question - who Staples now shows is his girlfriend - said she was unaware that her account was used.

"Obviously, we sit down as a staff, we sit down as an administration".

When asked if the felony charges change anything, he said, "Darn right". Cervone said the only two players who will probably not qualify for a diversion program are Telfort and Smith, who are responsible for 48 of the complaints.

"Whatever they bring to me, we'll look at it and evaluate it as quickly as we can", Cervone told ESPN last week.

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