Protecting Your Identity After a Data Breach

Impacted by Equifax data breach? Indiana attorney general will help freeze your credit

Impacted by Equifax data breach? Indiana attorney general will help freeze your credit

Tennessee's attorney general says information was stolen from more than three million state residents when hackers infiltrated the credit reporting company Equifax. In contrast, a security freeze prevents a lender from accessing an individual's credit reporting file or issuing credit in the individual's name, but also makes it more hard for the individual to apply for credit with new lenders because the individual must take certain steps to lift the freeze.

That includes getting prepared to file early, reviewing your most recent return., and considering getting a pin with the i-r-s as a second layer of protection.

This person said a large Canadian bank has determined that hackers claiming to sell celebrity profiles from Equifax on the dark web - information that appears to be fraudulent, or recycled from other breaches - did in fact steal the username and password for an application programming interface, or API, linking the bank's back-end servers to Equifax. That may mean even more scrutiny as the company deals with the aftermath of a security failure that exposed the information of 143 million Americans.

Equifax Canada's president and general manager Lisa Nelson apologized to consumers whose data may have been compromised.

According to Equifax, on July 29 their security team observed suspicious network traffic associated with its USA online dispute portal web application.

Essentially, if you've ever engaged in any financial undertaking requiring a credit report, your social security number, address, birth date and potentially even your personal financial information has been compromised due to Equifax's poor cybersecurity and the negligent way in which the credit reporting agency responded to its hacking. With a credit freeze, potential new creditors can not access your credit report at all; therefore they will not issue credit in your name.

The July hack followed a data breach in March involving a payroll and tax service Equifax offers, though the company said the two intrusions are not related.

Consider placing a security freeze on your credit report. They can text or send you an email any time someone makes a charge over a certain amount using your account.

-A credit freeze is deeper than a fraud alert. They began an investigation and blocked the suspicious activity. You are entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Chopra says there are no rules protecting consumers' data or that require credit bureaus to immediately notify consumers in the event of a breach.

It's called a credit freeze.

You can not open any new accounts during the credit freeze; you must lift the freeze prior to applying for new credit.

If you do freeze your credit, existing creditors or debt collectors will still have access to your report, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Another option is for individuals to enroll in a credit monitoring service.

By applying a credit freeze, you are sacrificing convenience (and some expense) for an increased level of security.

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