Twitter tests a feature that simplifies your tweetstorms

Twitter has an unlaunched tweetstorm feature

Tweetstorm: Twitter Developing Feature To Automatically Post Threaded Tweets

Social media website Twitter, known for its 140-character tiresome blogging style, has built a feature that will allow Twitterartis to draft an entire Tweet storm, or thread of tweets ahead of time, and publish them simultaneously, reported recode. Similarly, there isn't any confirmation about the launch of the new feature. Tweet editing is not likely to come any time soon, and longer tweets are also an uncertainty, but Twitter could be about to make tweetstorming much easier.

Twitter users create tweetstorms by sending out a tweet and then chaining successive replies to that first one and to the succeeding tweets to create a thread of them. You wouldn't have to worry about a broken sequence, or people replying to your story before you've finished telling it.

The feature is not yet live in Twitter's app but it appears it's been rolled out to a small test group for now.

Twitter is remaining tight-lipped about the feature, saying it has "no comment to share on the record".

Popularized by tech investor Marc Andreessen, coined by fellow VC Chris Dixon, and vilified by BuzzFeed's Charlie Warzel, tweetstorms have been a Twitter power user trick since at least 2014.

Some think you should either condense your thoughts into a tweet or two, or right a separate blog post and link to it. Others think the serialized format can offer a special reading experience and reach a wider audience than an offsite blog.

The company said a year ago that it would stop counting photos, videos and GIF animations toward the 140-character limit.

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