Chris Evans posts adorable reunion video with his dog

Chris Evans gets a thorough dog wash

TWITTER Chris Evans Chris Evans gets a thorough dog wash

Well, after 10 weeks apart, Chris Evans answered that all-important question for his dog, Dodger, and it was pretty much what you might have expected: the most joyous, face-licking reunion possibly of all time.

Dodger seems to live with Evans' family while he's away from home, so he still receives regular updates.

Posting a video to his fans with the caption "After 10 long weeks..."

Dodger joined the Evans family early past year, after Chris met him on the set of his film Gifted.

Evans adopted Dodger while filming the movie Gifted. If you'll recall, one of the film's final scenes was in a pound. Dodger smothers his owner in wet kisses, and we love every second of it. Puppy love abounds! "And sure enough they were, so I was walking up and down the aisles and saw this one dude and he didn't belong there".

A dog is Captain America's best friend.

The purest, sweetest love story of summer 2017 has come to an appropriately slobbery conclusion: Chris Evans has officially been reunited with his dog, Dodger.

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