Kevin Durant says he knows why Kyrie Irving left LeBron James, Cavaliers

Kevin Durant says he knows why Kyrie Irving left LeBron James, Cavaliers

Kevin Durant says he knows why Kyrie Irving left LeBron James, Cavaliers

Thomas is on an expiring contract and is set to earn the max, Crowder is a middle of the road small forward, Zizic is an unproven player, and the Net's pick is losing value.

The bigger questions rest with the Celtics. With James and Irving leading the way, though, the Cavs have advanced to the NBA Finals every season since James returned in 2014. "Acquiring a 25-year-old perennial All-Star, a player that fits a timeline for us and is a fantastic offensive player, one of the best offensive players in the league, you have to pay a heavy price".

"We are excited to be part of one of the most memorable NBA offseasons in history with Kyrie, our 2K18 cover athlete, and Isaiah, one of the stars of our 2K roster, trading places", said Jason Argent, 2K's Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations.

Weeks went by with nothing but rumors and speculation on where - and, if - Kyrie Irving would be traded. "I was just as surprised as everyone else (about the trade)".

"If Dwyane is healthy and he and LeBron are playing great together and they go on this insane playoff run, that matters", he added, referring to James' decision on whether to stay at the Cavs next summer. The team would then give their trade partner a different draft pick (perhaps second-rounders, or a future pick) instead. WKSU Sports Commentator Terry Pluto talked about the trade. Both Irving and Tatum are products of Duke University. He said Irving deserves better. "He's a tremendous player".

Multiple Cavs players told ESPN they hoped Irving would remain on the team, believing they could work out their differences like a family and have another crack at beating the Warriors together. When he opted to depart Cleveland for Miami in 2010 - infamously saying he was taking his talents to South Beach - myriad Cavs fans torched their James jerseys.

Everything the Cavaliers do this season will be viewed in terms of how it might affect James' decision to stay or leave via free agency next summer.

Irving was the first overall pick in the 2011 draft while Thomas was the last pick, No. 60, in the same draft.

"It's great if they win, awful if they lose", a source close to James, referring to the Irving trade, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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