Facebook announces app redesign that will make your profile picture circular



The comments section of the Facebook app has been given a facelift, and it now resembles typical chat bubbles.

"We have updated our comment style and made it easier to see which comments are direct replies to another person", they added.

This feature will allow users to record two-second GIFs and quickly share them via Facebook's Story functionality, the News Feed, or via Messenger. The redesign of the user interface is part of Facebook's efforts in improving the app's readability and navigation.

Facebook will also debut circular profile pictures to better display user comments on a particular post. While the changes look quite small on paper, they really do change the look of Facebook as we know it.

For example this includes increased color contrast to make the typography more legible, larger link previews, update icons and also reaction buttons to make it hard to press, and also changing the shape of the profile picture frame to differentiate who is posting and who is commenting on it.

Facebook redesigned link previews with larger photos and shaded backgrounds.

Some of the changes on the Facebook app are directly linked to the changes that it introduced for Instagram recently. Facebook hopes this will encourage more users to take advantage of their live platform. Lastly, you can return to News Feed once you've finished reading via a more prominent back button.

The company said these design updates would not affect Pages' reach or referral traffic.

Those associations will soon change to "grey" and "circles", however, as Facebook has unveiled plans to revamp the News Feed on mobile, altering some long-running aesthetic choices in favor of the new.

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