Brooklyn shows off new Nike-designed uniforms

Bam Adebayo Miami Heat

Brooklyn shows off new Nike-designed uniforms

The Lakers also enlisted the help of rookie sensation Lonzo Ball (weird to say that when he hasn't even played a real game yet, but it's true) to show what the new uniforms look like in action. The Phoenix Suns revealed their new uniforms for the 2017-18 season in a video posted to Twitter on Thursday.

Unlike previous seasons, home teams will not be obligated to wear their white "Association" jerseys for home games. The Sunburst, an element from the team's original logo, is featured on the waistband of the shorts, and the tail of the Sunburst provides a unique lining, further highlighting the team identity.

The fonts and basic designs remained unchanged.

The NBA now allows teams to take on sponsorship logos on their jerseys, but the Lakers have seemingly resisted the revenue opportunity for the time being with only the Nike logo visible.

Nike announced last month it is no longer working with traditional home and road jerseys.

The first is against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the second versus the Miami Heat. Once again, Bam Adebayo was wearing a new Heat jersey and it looked just like the one that appeared in the "NBA 2K18" screenshot.

The biggest difference is that Nike has a different style of collar and shoulder on jerseys than the previous designer, adidas, has. Nike's first contract with the league will last for eight years, but if the cooperation brings mutual satisfaction, we might see this company's National Basketball Association jerseys being worn for more than a decade.

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