Microsoft making HUGE changes to THIS popular feature

Microsoft making HUGE changes to THIS popular feature

Microsoft making HUGE changes to THIS popular feature

With these updates, many new Xbox Insiders - previously limited to Ring 3 or Ring 4 - will be able to join the Xbox One Update Preview Beta and Delta groups, thereby expanding the types of updates and features they'll be able to test right away. But now they could be changed from how we've gotten to know them.

The update will introduce many changes to the interface in order to make it faster, easier to manage, and offer a more customizable experience. Hence this is why there is a change heading to the Xbox One achievements list. Nothing that I can talk about now, but something that fundamentally changes the concept ... we are working towards a bigger, more meaningful change about somebody's gaming accomplishments in history, as a gamer on Xbox.

The idea is certainly interesting, and it's about time someone looked at how achievements can better fit into today's games. For those in the Delta ring, some will be selected (randomly it seems) to receive earlier builds than others. The rings will enable some flexibility in receiving updates as well.

In related news, Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of Xbox One X in November but, according to the industry analyst, the price for the console will be its downfall.

There are flexible levels of access to the Xbox One Insider Program now, and the base one is called Omega. In order to go past Omega and it the other three levels of the Xbox One Insider Program, you need to take a two factors into consideration: longevity and amount of feedback given.

To celebrate the announcement Microsoft has released the following trailer showcasing some the games available to play.

The app helps you stay connected to the Xbox Live community.

Building your game utilizing UWP and Xbox Live SDK, and for that, you can use the tools you're already using - Visual Studio, game engines like Unity, Construct 2, MonoGame and Xenko - and combine them with a retail Xbox One console and your Dev Center account.

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