Inmate who allegedly stripped off jumpsuit during ill-fated escape attempt faces judge

Reality bites Pablos a convicted burglar was found minutes from the jail near a closed business. Her injuries were non-fatal. It's not been explained how she escaped

Inmate escapes Orange County Jail, is bitten by police dog

An inmate escaped the Orange County Jail early Saturday after stripping out of her jumpsuit, officials said.

Deputies were called just before 3 a.m. after her jump suit was found near one of the outside fences at the jail.

Multiple deputies and detectives, including the Sheriff's Office helicopter and K-9 unit, converged on the jail. A sheriff helicopter infrared camera saw her hiding at a business across the street, and she was captured by a K9, wearing only her undergarments.

Williamson said deputies and police dogs responded and found her hiding near a semi-truck on the property in her underwear.

The police dog bit the hapless fugitive several times on the left buttock, according to police.

Neither the jail nor the sheriff's office reveal how Pablos was able to escape, how long she was free or why the public was not informed of her escape. A police dog then wrestled the near-naked woman to the ground before she was placed back into custody.

The judge denied Alexandra Pablos, 26, bail for her newly garnered escape charge.

They say he was serving time for violating the conditions of his probation for an original charge which was burglary. She did not make eye contact with the judge and hung her head for most of the proceeding. The public defender argued that Pablos should have bond, but the judge rejected that request, saying the judge who will preside over the case can decide later if bond should be set.

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