Donald Trump has revealed all about those cryptic James Comey 'tapes' tweets

Comey attends charity event at New York Times building

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Assertions made in Comey's memos directly led to the naming of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, as well as any related matters, including obstruction of justice by President Trump. My story didn't change, my story was always a straight story, my story was always the truth.

Adam Schiff, the committee's top Democrat, said in a statement yesterday that Mr Trump's Twitter comment stopped short of denying that the White House had tapes or recordings, and said the White House must respond in writing.

Trump first tweeted in May following Comey's removal that the veteran lawman had "better hope that there are no "tapes" of their conversations.

In the same Fox & Friends interview Thursday, Trump hinted at his annoyance regarding Mueller and Comey's close relationship, calling their friendship "very bothersome".

Comey testified that he had told the president in multiple conversations he was not personally under federal investigation and said the president implored him to make that public.

Spicer claimed the tactic had been successful, noting Comey testified under oath that he told Trump that the President wasn't under investigation personally.

In an interview with Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends" that aired Friday morning, Trump said of Pelosi: "I hope she doesn't step down".

The episode exhausted Trump's defenders and aides, who for weeks have been dodging questions about the recordings.

"Robert Mueller is an honorable man, so hopefully he'll come up with an honorable solution", Trump said. He was - he did admit that what I said was right.

US President Donald Trump has laid out his belief that special counsel Robert Mueller is biased in the expanding Russian Federation investigation and suggested that he may eventually need to step down.

Trump's tweets went out on the 22nd, and the White House says they're sufficient response to the inquiry, calling them a "statement" from the president.

Trump has disputed Comey's assertion that Trump asked Comey for a pledge of loyalty during a dinner meeting they had.

For over a month, the president kept everyone guessing, refusing to answer whether or not the tapes existed.

"Not a great strategy, President Trump", Tapper quipped, before ripping the White House for banning cameras and live audio during press briefings in recent days, including on Thursday. It appears that Trump's description of the two as "very, very good friends" isn't rooted in reality.

Comey explained the process during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Trump replied, "I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth from that standpoint".

"I've seen the tweet about tapes".

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