Apple Music quietly added a $99 annual subscription plan

Apple Music quietly added a $99 annual subscription plan

There's a secret way to save money on Apple Music - here's how

Of course, one could also procure a $99 Apple Music gift card to get a full year of access, but heading to the App Store on your phone or tablet is much more convenient.

The streaming service now offers subscribers the option to pay an annual fee of $99 rather than the $9.99 per month they'd otherwise owe, TechCrunch first reported. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't yet offer an annual subscription for family or student plans.

Apple Music is quietly undercutting Spotify. For instance, if you now don't subscribe to Apple Music and head into the Music app to subscribe, you'll see the normal individual, family, and college student monthly rates. Tap your Apple ID, enter your password, and tap "View Apple ID".

It's a pretty good deal if you're happy with Apple Music and know you'll be with it for at least another year. If you're not a subscriber, you won't see the $99 subscription option. Select the subscriptions button and then locate your Apple Music membership settings. But if you're an existing subscriber, you can go to your membership settings and switch to an annual plan.

Still, Apple is hardly trumpeting the news of the price option.

So if you think you're going to keep using Apple Music for the foreseeable future, you can switch in a couple of taps and save around 17.5 percent.

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