Play ball! GOP, Dems battle as 1 _ Team Scalise

Play ball! GOP, Dems battle as 1 _ Team Scalise

Play ball! GOP, Dems battle as 1 _ Team Scalise

That means Scalise had likely lost quite a bit of blood, said Dr. John Hunt, the medical director of the Level 1 trauma center at University Medical Center who was interviewed Thursday afternoon.

The family of a lobbyist shot multiple times during a Republican baseball practice outside Washington says he has undergone additional surgery and doctors expect a full recovery.

On Wednesday morning, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson opened fire on participants of the Republican baseball practice, injuring US Scalise and four other individuals.

Hodgkinson died after being shot by police.

The game, formally known as the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, has been an ongoing bipartisan tradition in Washington, D.C., since 1909, pitting Democrats and Republicans against each other in a friendly baseball showdown.

When the members of the Republican team were announced at Nationals Park, mention of Scalise's name drew a standing ovation from the areas designated for Republican, Democrat and nonpartisan fans alike.

"Let us always remember that our job is to serve and represent the whole American people - and that we are all children of the same God", Trump said.

The game's modern reiteration began in 1962, when Speaker John McCormack revived the game with the help and sponsorship of Roll Call, according to the House. And more significantly, the applause and lengthy standing ovation for Scalise.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is lashing out at "sanctimonious" Republicans - including some in Congress - who are suggesting vitriolic political rhetoric from the left may be partially to blame for the shooting that wounded GOP Congressman Steve Scalise.

Several people were injured, including Rep. Scalise.

Once recovered, Scalise will be able to walk and hopefully run, the doctor said.

After the shooting, Republicans at the practice returned to the U.S. Capitol clad in practice uniforms and described a chaotic scene dodging a hail of bullets.

Hodgkinson, shot and killed by a capitol cop returning fire, was armed with a 9 mm handgun and a 7.62 caliber rifle, weapons that were traced and found to be purchased legally through federally licensed firearm dealers, investigators said.

Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, the Democrats' star pitcher, said he and Scalise are close friends and work together on many local issues, but there's an intense rivalry on the baseball field. "We love you." Lewis led a House floor Democratic sit-in previous year when Republicans refused to consider gun control legislation.

Scalise is the third ranking member of the Republican party in the US House of Representatives where it holds a majority.

Republicans and Democrats are fighting for bragging rights in their annual Congressional Baseball game, and doing so as one unit - Team Scalise.

Some thought the game wouldn't go on because of Wednesday's shooting, but lawmakers said they want to play the game for Scalise, who is a baseball fanatic.

He also said that Officer Crystal Griner, who was shot in the ankle, is in "good condition".

Hodgkinson, a Belleville, Illinois, home inspector who had been living out of his van near the park, had a social media page filled with criticism of Republicans and the Trump administration.

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