Man pulls large snake from gas station pump

Hero rescues snake from Georgia gas pump

Driver Finds Snake In Gas Pump Handle

Video shows a man pulling an almost 4-foot snake from a gas pump in Georgia. The couple moved their vehicle to another pump, and a hero made a decision to jump in to remove the snake.

He added: 'Once you grab behind the head it can't really reach around and get you'.

"He's a better man than I am", Radke said. "They just want to be left alone, but unfortunately the snake was in a gas pump".

Loren-Stacie Fleener explains on Facebook that she had pulled over to get some gas with her son when they noticed that a huge snake was in the nozzle holder.

Radke said he's not scared of snakes.

Radke says he used the nozzle to move the snake around so he could grab it behind the head to safely remove it. Luckily for them, another customer named Brandon Radke came to their aid.

Then he pulled hard to extract the snake, which he released into the woods behind the station.

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