Corbyn team 'stunned' by exit polls on election night

A YouGov poll for the Sunday Times newspaper found 48 percent of people felt May should quit while 38 percent thought she should stay.

The Women's Equality Party ran seven candidates in this year's election but failed to win a single seat.

However, given the utter disaster that was last night's election, May could possibly resign as the leader of the party, ushering in a new prime minister. Maybe the party could find a place for her in the Lords?

If all this uncertainty weren't enough, the Labour Party, which won 261 seats in the election, has its own divisions to deal with.

Throughout the election, May pressed heavily on the Brexit issue saying that she wanted a mandate to be able to start negotiations from the European Union divorce on June 19.

"A smart and experienced political operator, Mr Corbyn actually prefers the Conservatives to founder under their own power - or lack thereof". The Greens succeeded to preserving their lone seat in the House of Commons. And the relationship between the Conservatives and its minority government partner, the Democratic Unionist Party, also remains unclear.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party was seen to offer very little opposition, plagued with infighting and inadequacies. However, he would be willing to form a minority government.

Jeremy Corbyn was just 2,227 votes away from becoming Prime Minister in the general election, new analysis has revealed.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown said the prime minister had no mandate.

He said that Mays version of a ‘hard Brexit was rejected by the British people, and that Brexit negotiations should now be put on hold.

Such a prospect may seem outlandish I grant you, but if you had said at the start of 2016 that Britain would vote for Brexit and the U.S. would elect Donald Trump you'd have been laughed at.

With talks due to start in Brussels on June 19, Mr Tusk said it was their "urgent task" to get on with the negotiations in "the best possible spirit". However, Mr Barnier stated that talks can only begin when the UK is ready whilst EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger (Budget and Human Resources) doubted that the UK can get its "act together" in time: "We need a UK government that can act". European Union commissioner Günther Oettinger said: "A weak partner weakens the whole negotiations".

Some senior Tories had made the removal of Hill and Timothy a condition for continuing to support May, who has vowed to remain prime minister despite the Conservatives losing their overall majority in Parliament.

"The irony of this is that Theresa May is calling this a certainty government and talking about how it's delivering certainty", said Brian Klaas, a fellow in comparative politics at the London School of Economics.

"As we do, we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular".

As the United Kingdom exits from the European Union, it will also leave the treaty that allows free movement of European Union citizens within the bloc. This position, though far from unreasonable, adds yet another layer of complexity to the upcoming negotiations in Brussels. Returned DUP MP for East Belfast Gavin Robinson predicted a "confidence and supply" arrangement.

Thus, the severely weakened prime minister will hobble along. Davidson also said she had received reassurances from May that the party's deal with the DUP would not involve a rollback of gay rights. Corbyn not only got into a leadership race, but nearly won it.

Last year Ms Foster and her fellow MPs held a champagne reception at the Conservative Party conference. Some members of Parliament in May's Tory party and the rival Labour Party favor a softer Brexit, in which the United Kingdom might maintain a much closer relationship with the EU.

The anger is focused on the string of political miscalculations that led to the Tory's poor performance at the polls.

Had the Conservatives seized five seats including Dudley North, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Crew and Nantwich and Canterbury from Labour - seats where Mr Corbyn's party won by a small margin - Theresa May would have gone into Brexit negotiations with a majority in the Commons.

The senior Conservative source blamed the party's over-dependency on the tight messaging demanded by election guru Lynton Crosby for failing to endear Ms May to voters tired of elections and rattled by two militant attacks in as many weeks.

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