ICC Champions trophy : Virat Kohli reveals emotional moment shared with Anushka

Virat talks about Anushka 2017

EntertainmentBollywood Virat Kohli Reveals his Special Moments with Anushka Sharma By The Jinns

In this fast moving world where even dating is done via apps, and break ups are common, Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli's sweet romance are keeping our faith in love alive. Let alone print interviews they refuse to talk about each other on camera.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's romance with restores our faith in love.

"I remember, I was in Mohali and there was a Test series going on". The duo has recently started coming out for public events & weddings and also pose for the shutterbugs happily.

Virat became Test captain in 2014 after Mahendra Singh Dhoni stepped down from the post.

While Anushka avoids talking about Virat on the public platforms, Virat Kohli is quite comfortable and confesses how the Sultan actress has changed his life. Virat is seen blushing as he fondly revisits the memory of getting the news and said that Anushka was always by his side when he got the news and was extremely happy.

"During the Mohali incident, they (BCCI) had spoken to me already". When they hung up the phone and I told her, for me it was like a flashback for a minute from playing in my academy till the Mohali game.

Virat mentioned about the two occasions when he had the presence of Anushka which made all the difference for him. I was emotional, I was in tears because I never thought this day will come, but it did and I was able to share it with her, which was even more lovely. "It is something that I will always remember", Kohli added. The defending champions, who topped Group B, will take on Bangladesh in the second semi-final on Thursday.

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