Bear crosses through Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run

That's no normal runner: Bear crosses through Colorado race

Bear Startles Footrace Participants

A bear briefly interrupted the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run near Colorado Springs on Sunday, June 11. "I don't have all day!'", he wrote in a blog post. "I want to get on with my race, ' so I got the picture and I just turned around and started running again", Sanborn said. Don't you know I'm in a race here.

Writing in the comments section, Mr Sanborn explained that the bear initially couldn't decide whether to run across the road filled with people.

Sanborn says he's seen various wildlife during training runs, but has never seen a bear during an official race.

Of course he does, and he apparently runs races in the woods, too.

There were no injuries reported - other than to distracted runners' final times. "There could be a bear", Michael Ring said.

Donald Sanborn says he was about 5 miles into the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run on Sunday when the bear ambled across a roadway near Colorado Springs.

A spokesman for the event said: 'We swear this wasn't planned'.

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