Kathy Griffin Finally Said Something That Made Me Laugh

Jim Carrey & Jerry Seinfeld React to Kathy Griffin’s Trump

Kathy Griffin Finally Said Something That Made Me Laugh

"I understand why Minnesotans were upset by this, and I take that very seriously".

Kathy Griffin's lawyer said the comedian has been contacted by the Secret Service in the wake of her controversial photo shoot in which she posed with the likeness of President Donald Trump's severed head.

Those photos, Bloom said, were meant to be a parody of Trump's infamous "blood-blood-coming-out-of-her-whatever" comments about then-Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. "Blood coming out of her wherever".

Members of the Trump family, including the president himself, have since responded to photo, criticizing her for her actions. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this.

Trump said of the photos that Griffin "should be ashamed of herself".

His eldest child, Donald Jr., called Griffin's photo "disgusting" in a tweet. After hearing from many Minnesotans who were rightfully offended, I've come to the conclusion that it would be best for her not to participate in the event we had previously scheduled.

Griffin also lost an endorsement deal with Squatty Potty, a line of bathroom footstools, and has had at least five of her stand-up gigs canceled since the photos were released. "Today it's me. Tomorrow it could be you".

"The death threats that I'm getting are constant", she added. "That was never what she intended".

Griffin's hands shook and her voice occasionally became choked as she discussed the emotional impact of the last week.

Griffin issued an apology in a video, in which she said, "I crossed the line" and "went way too far", and that "the image is too disturbing". "I sincerely apologize. I'm just now seeing the reaction to these images". Addressing the image and her job as a comedian, she said that she loves to make people laugh and that "sometimes people want a joke that's out there and is a little insane". "He's using the power of the government". Now, all her troubles are suddenly due to the Trump family's hostilities, and she says she plans to continue to make fun of Trump in future appearances, assuming there will be future appearances on her calendar. Griffin continued. "He picked the wrong redhead".

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