Black Desert Online Announced as an Xbox One Launch Exclusive

Black Desert

Coming early 2018

Now all they need to do is announce cross play between the PC and XBOX One platforms. My only question is what optimizations has the development team at Pearl Abyss used on the game to get it to run at 4K resolutions on the console? Especially, Microsoft has promised us with full marketing support and has actively engaged with us from the beginning.

The trailer for the upcoming "Black Desert Online" for Xbox One also features epic battle scenes with different characters, massive explosions, and an awesome experience overall.

"We are big fans of Black Desert and are very proud to be partnering closely with PearlAbyss", responded the director of [email protected], Chris Charla.

Black Desert is set to release in early 2018 as an Xbox One X exclusive launch release.

Black Desert has seen great success in North America and Europe, a market that has many console gamers.

The sandbox-oriented role playing game has been available on PC since 2014, captivating players with its dynamic, worldwide weather system which can generate large scale events, such as typhoons that can influence gameplay.

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