Hyundai recalls vehicles to fix hood latches, warning lights

Justin Sullivan  Getty Images File

Justin Sullivan Getty Images File

A cable for the secondary latch could corrode, which would leave the hood unsecured if the primary latch fails. The recall deals with the vehicle's hood latch.

It must be recall day today, as we wrote earlier about a Mazda recall that came to light nearly a decade after the problems first surfaced. The recall will start June 30. The salt, helped by excess humidity, can hasten the corrosion of the hood latch.

Another recall concerns substandard parking brake warning lights, affecting some 150-thousand Sonata and ten-thousand-800 Genesis sedans produced in 2015 or 2016.

The light that shows the parking brake is on may not light due to corrosion in a switch. While it might seem like a minor aspect at first, driving with the handbrake on for prolonged periods of time can lead to premature tear on the braking system, overheating, unpleasant smells and even smoke.

Hyundai will send recall notices to vehicle owners at the end of the month, and dealers will make the repairs free of charge.

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