Apple to update iOS to prevent distracted driving accidents

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New smart speaker expected as Apple kicks off conference

While announcing new named updates for iOS, macOS and watchOS during its WWDC keynote on Monday, Apple stopped short of announcing a new version of the Apple TV's tvOS platform. Apple announced a new feature aimed at reducing distracted driving.

In addition to support for FLAC, Apple is introducing a ton of new features that could kickstart the transformation of iOS from simply a mobile operating system to a legitimate hybrid platform with desktop functionalities. Things like 3D Touch on the iPhone or drag and drop on the iPad will be included in what already appears to be a great iOS 11 experience.

With the update expected to launch around late September, you have a few months to farewell your faithful iPhone 5 or 5C and upgrade to the latest iPhone with up-to-date security and software. Furthermore, 14 states have banned the use of handheld devices.

Particularly on iPad, the Files app could be perceived as bringing a bit of a Mac feel to Apple's handheld device while also addressing the needs of power users who have been calling out for such functionality.

As it is switching to 64-bit mode, all the older Apple apps running in 32-bit mode will stop working. All the 32-bit devices, and the last to debut with a 32-bit processor, which means that iOS 11 will be a 64-bit-only affair. Despite the fact that iPhone 8 would not be unveiled at least before the fall, iOS 11 may make its appearance soon.

If you're reading about this for the first time, this may come as a surprise to you but Apple has been warning about this switch for a while.

But the move to take the iPhone 5c out of the equation may leave many users frustrated. Ernest Doku, while speaking to the BBC, informed that most apps should still be compatible unless they have not been updated since 2015. Meanwhile, the App Store has been completely redesigned with Games, a new Today tab and Apps, PC Advisor reported.

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