Stranger Things Creators On What To Expect From Season 2

Stranger Things Season 2 Monster

The Duffer brothers believe they didn't screw up *as* much on Season 2 of "Stranger Things"

The details of Stranger Things Season 2 might as well be locked away in the Upside-Down for all that we know about the upcoming season of Netflix's hit series. "But we do dig into the lives of the [younger] characters a bit more", Brown told Variety".

"Last season, a lot of the horror and a lot of what was happening with Will was off screen in the Upside down", show creator Ross Duffer explained.

Thankfully, the cast and creators behind the show are starting to talk about what to expect for the highly anticipated second season after a breakout freshman campaign a year ago. "It is important to us that we replicate the mojo of season one, which meant the brothers kicked things off with episode one and two and then I do three and four". The show producers tease that the monsters in the second season definitely beats out Demogorgon.

We still have a few months ahead of us before Stranger Things returns for its second run on Halloween.

We're drawing ever closer to the season two premiere of "Stranger Things" and now the cast and the Duffer brothers have opened up about what we can expect from it. "There was pressure going into Season 1, too", says Ross. He hadn't fully recovered from his time spent in the Upside Down, and according to Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, he's still not better and his friends have picked up on it by season 2. However, he said that when it comes to season two that will not be the case at all.

Aside from nearly everyone in season 1 returning, there's also hype about the monsters in the series. The series' first season revolved around the unusual disappearance of Will Byers, who viewers know was whisked away to the Upside Down realm.

"The first four episodes are exactly like season one". "We've tried in the writers" room to go, "Okay, what do we want to see?' And hopefully people will respond to that as well".

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