Honda will unveil a new all-electric vehicle this autumn

Honda sets self-driving goals

New Honda EV has its Own Electric Platform, Promises Self-Driving by 2025

Hachigō stated that they will attempt to accomplish the technological development of level 4 automated driving for private auto use by 2025.

- Japanese auto giant Honda has broken down its plans for fully autonomous vehicles, confirming that it intends to introduce cars that require no driver intervention by 2025, Engadget reveals.

A freeway driving test drive demonstration was conducted on a closed test course using a vehicle equipped with an advanced suite of sensors, showing the capability for automated driving system utilisation on a multi lane freeway in the presence of traffic.

In the urban driving demo, Honda offered a look at its latest generation artificial intelligence technology with deep learning capability, which can "sense and respond to complex driving environments and situations, such as roads without proper lane markings", the company said.

Eight years from now, you may be able to buy a highly-automated Honda vehicle that can drive you around most of the time. "The system also can detect pedestrians and bicyclists at night with only partial visibility". Level 4 autonomous driving capability means that a vehicle can travel fully automated in most driving conditions, with the exception being during inclement weather conditions or unusual driving environments, where the driver would be required to resume control. Honda also hasn't been part of any of the blockbuster deals that have shaped the field, outside of a reported partnership with Google's Waymo to provide cars for development.

AcuraWatch was first introduced on the 2015 Acura RL Sedan and is now available on the RDX five-passenger SUV and standard on the MDX three-row SUV and 2018 Acura TLX sedan.

In addition to bringing autonomous technology to market by 2025, Honda also unveiled in its 2030 mid-term Vision strategy plan increased development of electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with the intention of electric vehicles accounting for two-thirds of the automaker's lineup, as part of its electrification division set up late a year ago with the goal of lowering emissions across the lineup. Level 1 - Driver Assistance: The driving mode-specific execution by a driver assistance...

The Japanese automaker announced its plan at a press meeting in Tokyo to discuss the future direction of Honda, including the company's various products and technologies as well as its new 2030 Vision. Krüger was speaking at the automaker's annual general...

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