Microsoft to bring OneDrive support to iOS 11 Files app

New ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ iPhone Feature Hides Alerts Sends Auto Replies

New ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ iPhone Feature Hides Alerts Sends Auto Replies

But now, with iOS 11, Apple has finally made its one-handed typing readily available. So surely Apple will disable whatever it is that's not causing notifications to send and Snapchat will be able to create an update that would send notifications within screen recording mode. This ability appears to come as part of iOS 11's Files app - Apple's new feature for managing content on your device.

Whenever the phone is connected to a vehicle using either Bluetooth or a cable, or if the auto is moving, the phone will withhold any notifications for things like text messages or news updates.

Ultimately, Apple wants to make these (and other) AI/ML capabilities easy to incorporate into new apps, and therefore introduced Core ML, which is a machine learning framework that app developers will be able to use to enhance other AI/ML capabilities in iOS 11.

Users will be able to set an automatic reply to contacts listed in as favourites to let them know they are driving and can not respond until they arrive at their destination.

OK, so I did experience a few bugs on my first attempt, and it also soon became clear that a Pencil would offer more precision than a finger, but all the same I'm sure using it in this way will become second-nature after a few hours with the device.

It's uncertain just how much Apple is going to work with lossless audio this early in iOS 11's release, but we're sure music lovers with backlogs of FLAC-filed music will appreciate getting a chance to play their jams how they want.

Every year, Apple launches a new iOS operating system on their iPhone and iPad devices.

Particularly on iPad, the Files app could be perceived as bringing a bit of a Mac feel to Apple's handheld device while also addressing the needs of power users who have been calling out for such functionality.

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