Gov. Cuomo orders regulations to keep New Yorkers insured

U.S. Rep. Rodney L. Davis

U.S. Rep. Rodney L. Davis

NY state is moving to ensure several protections in the Affordable Care Act remain in place regardless of whether Congress votes to repeal the federal law.

Republican President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress have promised to replace the Affordable Care Act enacted under former President Barack Obama, a Democrat.

Under the new regs, the state will require that individual and small group accident and health insurance policies - which provide hospital, surgical or medical expense coverage, as well as student accident and health insurance policies - cover the same categories of essential health benefits that now apply through Obamacare.

"With Washington trying to take a wrecking ball to our health care system, we are taking concrete steps to ensure core protections of the Affordable Care Act remain intact", Cuomo said in a statement to the Times.

The study also found the United States also ranked near the top in the income-based disparity between people who went without care because they couldn't afford it, behind the Philippines - with one in every five people in the bottom third of income reporting they skipped medical treatment because of the cost.

The independent Congressional Budget Office has projected that the Republican proposal would force 14 million to lose health insurance next year at a rate that will mean 23 million Americans will lose health care by 2026.

He said New York's efforts will likely survive changes in health care made in Washington. In it, they point out how hard it is to anticipate when one might need health care, the great difficulty knowing the costs for such care, and finally the unrealistic expectation that supply and demand will work much like the purchase of other material goods. Horner said New York's health insurance may face a battle if more money needs to be appropriated.

The organization representing the state's health insurance industry, however, said much of what Cuomo announced Monday isn't new.

Under regulations to be promulgated by the state Department of Financial Services, health insurers that withdraw from the exchange would be barred from participation in government-sponsored insurance programs with large numbers of beneficiaries, including Medicaid, Child Health Plus and the Essential Plan.

On Thursday, Cuomo announced that NY would abide by emission standards of the Paris Accord, immediately after Trump said he would withdraw from the global pact to combat climate change.

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