At NATO Summit Macron Dodges Trump And Hugs Merkel Instead

Mrs. Trump visits Brussels children's hospital, art museum

At NATO Summit Macron Dodges Trump And Hugs Merkel Instead

But a French official quoted Mr Trump as telling the victor, President Emmanuel Macron, that he was "my guy" in the election, when the two met on Thursday. Later that day, Macron snubbed Trump to greet Angela Merkel, the powerful German chancellor who just might be the most un-Trump-like person alive today.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday (May 26) vowed France's total support for Britain's fight against terrorism after the Manchester attack as he met British Prime Minister Theresa May at the G-7 summit.

President Donald Trump launched a salvo against Germany and its vehicle sales in the United States at a meeting Thursday with European Union leaders, German weekly Der Spiegel reported.

A delightful report from the White House pool reporter Philip Rucker described a handshake "with considerable intensity, their knuckles turning white and their jaws clenching and faces tightening". Macron savagely held on, giving Trump one more epic squeeze before finally releasing his injured paw.

He shakes hands with Merkel and another world leader before shaking hands with Trump, which nearly seemed like a postscript to their aggressive handshake May 25. Quite literally, Trump likes to have the upper hand. Shaking hands, you catch colds, you catch the flu, you catch this.

During their brief sit-down in front of the press, Trump congratulated Macron on an "incredible campaign" and a "tremendous victory". Back at Washington, Trump's leadership crumbles and America has been stricken with racist slurs from all over the country.

The pair endured an awkwardly long handshake earlier Thursday, with both Trump and Macron tightly grasping each other's hand for longer than was entirely necessary. So, before you roll your eyes and dismiss this all as fluff and nonsense, remember that the job Trump had right before running for president was as a star of a reality TV show.

May will tell the leaders of the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and Canada that technology companies should be encouraged to develop better tools that can automatically identify and remove harmful material and block users who post extremist content.

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