Katy Perry shocks fans with new music video

Migos Enjoy Katy Perry's Entree in Delectable 'Bon Appetit' Video [WATCH]

Katy Perry Is Breaded And Boiled In 'Bon Appetit' Music Video

Despite recent controversies, Katy Perry keeps the music machine going, dropping a new visual for her Migos-assisted single, "Bon Appétit".

The double entendre-laden track's accompanying clip starts out with Perry, 32, lying on a bed, wrapped in plastic like a piece of meat. She is then surrounded by chefs, who tear through the packaging with knives and then toss the singer into flour before kneading her like dough. Finally ready to be served, Katy gets rolled out of the kitchen into the club on a massive platter, but she's not there to be eaten!

In a surprise twist, the chefs who tried to cook Perry decide to let her go - but take unsuspecting restaurant diners hostage.

The imagery stays in line with Perry's exploration of her sexual liberation - an NSFW sign being displayed in the beginning moments of the video. "She's then plopped into a boiling pan of water so that's like no pastry I've ever seen cooked".

As she lies on the table covered with food, rap trio Migos perform their part of the song.

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