Detroit Area Mom And Son Become Father And Daughter

Detroit Area Mom And Son Become Father And Daughter

Detroit Area Mom And Son Become Father And Daughter

The Maison family made national headlines in September 2015 with a viral video that showed Corey being told she was finally going to begin hormone therapy.

Both have changed their gender identities.

Eric realised he was "born in the wrong body" three years ago - at the same time as his daughter Corey, with whom he was watching a documentary about transgender YouTube star Jazz Jennings.

Since getting her first box of hormones to begin the transition to a girl, Corey has become a champion for others struggling with the same gender identity issues and against bullying of all forms on her Instagram account. He told "60 Minutes" Australia that he regretted not being educated about transgenderism so he could have done it sooner.

"I have five attractive children, I have an wonderful husband and an incredible life", Eric added.

The dad-of-six, whose 14-year-old daughter Corey is also transitioning from a boy to a girl, has also said he "hated being pregnant" because it felt so unnatural.

"It was an absolute, another weight off my shoulders", Corey said. He says his daughter's example inspired his own coming out, and that since undergoing a double mastectomy, he is more comfortable in his body than he's ever been. "I don't really know what else to say". "I don't think that risking my marriage and this lovely like I have would have been worth it right now". Last year, the person Corey had known as her mother told his family know that he would be transitioning too, using the name "Eric" rather than "Erica".

Speaking on 60 Minutes Australia, Eric told host Tara Brown: "When I was younger I used to wish for cancer so I would have to get a mastectomy".

"Just to ask a heterosexual man to still love you now that you are becoming a man", Eric said. "I might look happy now, I haven't always been".

"Eric said that others have said: "'Because of you I am still alive, because of you sharing this publicly I didn't kill myself because of you I have hope'.

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