Body found in lake tied to deadly house fire, baby in SUV

Emergency crews on Silver Lake after a car crashed into it Thursday morning

Emergency crews on Silver Lake after a car crashed into it Thursday morning

At 5:31 a.m., a motorist passing near Silver Lake in Highland, Illinois, about 16 miles from the home, saw a auto heading down a hill toward the water and called 911, Lakin said. An adult died in the fire but six children, siblings ranging up to age 14, escaped.

HIGHLAND, ILL. (KMOX) - As KMOX's Captain Rodger Brand has been reporting this morning, a large number of first responder vehicles reported to Highland Silver Lake near Illinois Route 143 to remove an SUV from the water. A paramedic found Campbell's 3-month-old son in the vehicle and saved him.

Media reports indicate a young child was pulled out of the vehicle and transported to a St. Louis hospital. A body was pulled from the lake around 11:15 a.m.

Highland Fire Capt. Brad Menz said the vehicle appeared to have rolled down a hillside into the lake near Illinois Route 143.

It was unclear if there was a connection between the home and the auto.

The baby was rushed to a St. Louis hospital and is expected to be survive. The child's condition has not been disclosed.

A body was found in the lake shortly before noon.

The coroner in Madison County, Illinois, released the information Friday as investigators try to untangle the events that preceded the death of 32-year-old Cristy Lynn Campbell.

Lakin said Glen Carbon police have answered several calls to Campbell's home, including some "domestic-related situations", but he declined to elaborate.

The coroner in Madison County, Illinois, says incidents a house fire and the discovery of a baby in a vehicle in a lake are connected, and that two deaths have now been confirmed.

These death investigations, although appearing to be related, are underway in the Highland, Illinois and Glen Carbon, Illinois area.

Court records showed that Cristy Campbell and Justin Campbell, 37, had a volatile relationship. Police say she may be possibly endangered.

An infant is being treated at a St. Louis hospital after the vehicle the child was in rolled into a lake. The child's condition was not immediately known. Illinois Department of Natural Resources officers with a sonar-equipped boat were searching the lake as of 9:15 a.m. Thursday.

Glen Carbon Police Lt. Wayne White says it is possible the case is related to a house fire in nearby Glen Carbon, Illinois, that killed one person.

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