'The Walking Dead' Star on Eugene's Negan Moment (SPOILERS)

'The Walking Dead' Star on Eugene's Negan Moment (SPOILERS)

'The Walking Dead' Star on Eugene's Negan Moment (SPOILERS)

With Daryl gone, Dwight is in the hot seat, so he turns Negan's attention to someone else. He's later given a tour and the point system is explained. Certainly there were still one or two light moments - Eugene certainly has his uses in small does - and scenes where he bonds with the "wives" (Elyse Dufour's Frankie, Chloe Aktas' Tanya and Autumn Dial's Amber) forced to hang out with him are at least fun, with his video game obsession and their good-natured teasing.

Many fans probably already had a sneaking suspicion that Sherry was the one who had let Daryl out of his cell back at the Sanctuary, but now that Sunday night's episode confirmed as much, she's now in more danger than ever. There's the return of Iron Man, or Negan's scartastic blend of justice, which is taken further this time as the Doctor, framed by Dwight for Daryl's disappearance is first threatened with the iron but then simply shoved into the fire. In the note, she tells him that she made a decision to become Negan's wife to save Dwight's life, but it was Dwight who killed, and he became one of them. "You want something, you take it, Haircut", she tells him, before taking him to meet the man. Still, Eugene has proven over the last few seasons that he can be very useful to the group and even fearless, as he demonstrated when he stepped up and took responsibility for making the bullet that pierced Negan's bat, Lucille. Negan wants to know if Eugene is really as smart as he thinks he is.

While everyone assumes that Eugene will be filling the void for the now deceased doctor, Comicbook.com has another theory based on how these (and possible future) events played out in the graphic novel the show is based on. Sherry wrote, "But you're wrong, being there isn't better than being dead".

This preview contains plot details about "The Walking Dead" season 7. Negan is impressed and offers to send him a few of his wives to show him a good time. "Sex is a huge no-no", he reminds Eugene. But will he turn good, as Eugene is possibly going to the dark side? After Dwight finishes the letter, he symbolically leaves out a six-pack of beer and a bag of pretzels. While Negan told Eugene the boundaries in regard to his wives, there were still other ways in which the women tempted him.

It was - spoiler alert - a simple "Walking Dead", a look at life inside the Saviors' camp after hostage Daryl escaped, evidently with help from inside.

Dwight told everyone back at the Sanctuary that he found and killed Sherry, as she got torn apart by a horde of walkers.

Dwight's playing an unsafe game by lying to Negan and framing the doctor for his ex-wife's escape.

Negan forces the doctor to take responsibility for letting Sherri escape. In fact, can we blame any of these people for following Negan when we know he kills kids and throws people in furnaces? In episode 11, Tara suggested that the group should go back but Rosita said she can go alone to find supplies. "That is a correct assessment", Eugene replies. However, he's brought into the same room that Daryl was shown.

The Walking Dead just aired its all new episode titled "Hostiles and Calamities". She reveals Dwight has memory problems and doesn't believe he would remember their plan or recall any of their happy memories together.

"Are you on board?" "So in the moment where he says, 'I'm Negan, ' that's an important moment for sure, but there's a moment before that line when Negan says, 'Hey, you don't have to be scared anymore.' That's like a hit of crack to Eugene because I think that's all he wants".

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