Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Now available for Pre-Order at Rs 36900

Samsung Foldable Smartphones to Be Showcased at MWC Launched in Q4 2017 Reports

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Now available for Pre-Order at Rs 36900

These devices won't be showcased to the public but will only be shown to a selected few in a closed-door invite-only event during the MWC. Samsung's trademark filings later revealed that the voice assistant could be named Bixby.

Additionally, Samsung is also rumored to work on a clam-type smartphone.

The first batch of the foldable smartphone is expected to be out in Q4 2017, which adds credibility to the earlier report that we might finally be seeing the biggest design change in smartphones this year. They will first hot stores in limited numbers and slowly take over the industry.

However Koh said the Galaxy S8 would not be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show in Barcelona, which begins on February 27, the traditional forum for Samsung premium product launches.

The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro comes with two 16MP camera modules. The smartphone was launched in China past year and already available for purchase in the Chinese market. The report also points out Samsung has conducted a range of tests for the battery capacity on the Galaxy S8, and is working to ensure the Note7 fiasco is not repeated.

We've heard that the Galaxy S8 is rumored to get an AI assistant called Bixby, but Bixby may not be alone. The patent application at the USPTO also showed a foldable clamshell-like device resembling a makeup case. The Galaxy TabPro S2 will also come with a detachable keyboard like its predecessor. The camera could be placed o n the top closed clamshell, which becomes the rear part once the smartphone is folded. Such a device would likely be of interest to a lot of people though some reports have suggested that Samsung is unsure of the marketability of foldable devices. The smartphone will be official by the end of this month.

Will you purchase an overpriced Samsung phone or will go with the much better OnePlus 3T?

Forget Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Bixby assistant for a moment as Samsung might bring around foldable smartphones to the market by unveiling one at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

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