People Can't Get Over Melania Trump's Expression In Viral Inauguration Clip

"Melania? To talk about what?"

Nobody has a clue what he said to her, but she definitely wasn't happy.

"Trump said Melania will give two or three more speeches..." That question is on everyone's minds after seeing the video of Trump talking to his wife.

A few hours after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, a photograph circulated of Melania Trump sitting next to husband at a luncheon, eyes down and face unsmiling. She relocated to NYC in 1996, became a permanent resident in 2001, and a citizen in 2006.

If anything, Melania seems more like Bess Truman, said Watson, another first lady who didn't like Washington or politics.

Asked if he could imagine President Trump and his wife having a similar arrangement, Watson said, "No, not at all". Her powder-blue outfit, designed by American Ralph Lauren, looked like a throwback to one of her predecessors, Jacqueline Kennedy. However, being First Lady comes with many responsibilities, including dressing for many different occasions.

French designer and immigrant, Sophie Theallet, was the first to voice her displeasure with dressing Melania and to express this, she posted a letter regarding just how strongly she feels about it and encouraged others to join her in this so called "boycott". "Still easier to understand than Melania", she wrote on November 4.

Now, a video has begun circulating on social media that may expose a crack in Melania's otherwise meticulously manufactured facade.

Either way, people online are using that incident, as well as other so-dubbed awkward moments during the long day of activities to place their own speculations upon the marriage of the Trumps.

Body language experts told Mic behavior like this could be one of many signs of an unhappy relationship. Henceforth, his wife Melania Trump will now be called the First Lady.

"That was not even a real hug".

First lady Melania Trump will not move in to the White House till her son Barron finishes school. That was really odd.

"He patted her in a sexually dismissive way".

Word of warning to the "Pussy Power" movement/protesters, you may want to steer clear of insults that involve women and children.

"If you didn't know that they were married, you wouldn't know that they are married", communication and Susan Constantine said by phone.

She said racism was the single issue which most concerned her under a Trump administration and planned parenthood was one of the issues which most anxious her as a woman.

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